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We selling various of model kits, acrylic paints, enamel paints, craft tools, and model kit accessories from Academy, Zvezda, Tamiya, MasterBox, Kamizukuri, Begemot Decals, Sellery, Ragged Edge Design, Vallejo Acrylicos, Klebermann, Passion Models, AK Interactive, Roden, ICM, Eastern Express, Ammo of Mig Jimenez, SKIF, and Mikro Mir products.

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Restock products 17 March 2014:

  • AK 061 Mud Effect
  • AK 062 Streaking Effect Set
  • AK 063 Slimy Grime & Fuel Set
  • AK 064 Weathering Set for Green Vehicle
  • AK 068 DAK Weathering Set
  • AK  072 Weathering Setfor Early Panzer
  • AK 073 NATO Weathering Set
  • AK 077 Heavy Muddy Set
  • AK 087 Engine and Metal Weathering Set
  • AK 091 Interior Weathering Set
  • AK 120 OIF & OEF Weathering Set
  • AK 554 1945 German War Colors Set
  • AK 558 Iraq & Afghanistan



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